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SEC Proposal for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting  

13 Apr , 2022  

carbon emissions

Mark D’Antonio, Zondits staff, 4/13/2022 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently released a proposed rule amendment titled “The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors.” The rule changes propose that all publicly traded companies report greenhouse-gas emissions from their own operations, including the energy they consume (known as Scope 1 and Scope […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Connectivity

Electrification Emission-Cutting Opportunity in Transportation

20 Jan , 2020  

This article was originally written by Steve Nadel and published on aceee.org on Oct. 8, 2019. The transportation sector offers the greatest potential to slash greenhouse gas emissions through electrification— more even than buildings or industry, according to a recent ACEEE study and four other reports. Research increasingly cites the electrification of vehicles, buildings, and […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Connectivity

Cleaning Up Electric Vehicles

1 Oct , 2019  

This article was written by Christy Lewis and Peter Bronksi and was published on watttime.org on September 17, 2019. It’s the 9th annual National Drive Electric Week (NDEW)! More than 300 events—mostly throughout the United States, but also in a growing number of locations around the world—will offer consumers a chance to learn about, test drive, and […]

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Law & Policy, Programs & Policy

Five Cities Energy Plan Helping New York Increase Efficiency & Reduce Emissions

20 Feb , 2015  

five cities energy plan

New York’s Five Cities Energy Plan to Reduce Costs, Consumption and Emissions Breaking  Energy, February 19, 2015 At the New York Power Authority (NYPA), we firmly believe that when you know more about energy consumption, you can take real and meaningful steps to reduce it. Last year, NYPA embarked on an ambitious project to create […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Renewables

India Ramps Up Renewable Energy Capacity with World’s Largest Solar Plant

18 Feb , 2015  

Solar Farm India solar plant solar energy

India Starts Building World’s Largest Solar Plant, Overtaking U.S. Think Progress, February 17, 2015 India is about to start construction on what will be the world’s largest solar plant. As part of a redoubled effort to ramp up renewable energy capacity to help meet the developing country’s fast-growing energy needs, the 750-megawatt solar plant in […]

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Efficiency in Action, Markets & Business

How Much Will Your Holiday Travel Plans Impact the Climate?

19 Dec , 2014  

Planes, trains, or automobiles: what’s the most climate-friendly way to travel? A new study by researchers from IIASA and CICERO brings better estimates of how much personal travel impacts the climate. The study calculates the climate impact for passenger trips of 500-1000 km — typical distances for business or holiday trips.

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Emerging Technology, Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

Emerging Technologies Key to Increased Industrial Sustainability

10 Nov , 2014  

Energy-efficient industrial technologies address a key challenge of the 21st century: how can industries move towards cleaner, more sustainable practices while at the same time increase their competitiveness?

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Building Technology, Whole Building

Whole-building Analytic Options to Comply with Increased Need for Energy Analysis

17 Oct , 2014  

This dynamic increases demand for energy benchmarking, energy audits, energy savings estimates, new construction and retrofit commissioning, among other activities related to improving the energy efficiency and comfort of building stock.

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NYC’s Commitment to Reduce CO2 Emissions

30 Sep , 2014  

In the spirit of this week, which has seen global leaders convening in New York City for the UN Climate Summit and more than 400,000 citizens filling the City’s streets for the People’s Climate March, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has committed to reducing the City’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)

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