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Getting Commercial Customers to Invest in Energy Efficiency

21 Jul , 2017  

A two-step approach to get commercial customers to act on energy efficiency Utility Dive, July 18, 2017 Many utilities struggle to engage their customers, especially hard-to-reach markets such as commercial real estate (CRE) customers. It’s not unusual, but why is this the case? Doesn’t it make sense to just implement energy efficiency measures when they […]

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Program Implementation, Programs & Policy

Online Rebate Tool Implemented for HVAC Energy Efficient Systems

27 Jun , 2017  


Rebates Offered to HVAC Contractors for Use of Energy Efficient Systems Energy Manager Today, June 21, 2017 An online, user-friendly rebate tool has been implemented recently that allows HVAC contractors to search for local and national rebates or incentives available on energy efficient light commercial LG air conditioning systems. Some rebates on energy efficient LG […]

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3 Benefits from Energy Efficiency

16 Sep , 2015  


Are we failing to understand the wider benefits of energy efficiency? Energy Saving Trust, September 9, 2015. Image credit: HebiFot So what are the benefits of energy efficiency? 1. Wider economic benefits Increased investment in targeted sectors and reduced costs for households and business can have positive economic impacts including growth and job creation. In 2013 […]

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