Online Rebate Tool Implemented for HVAC Energy Efficient Systems

Rebates Offered to HVAC Contractors for Use of Energy Efficient Systems

Energy Manager Today, June 21, 2017

An online, user-friendly rebate tool has been implemented recently that allows HVAC contractors to search for local and national rebates or incentives available on energy efficient light commercial LG air conditioning systems.

Some rebates on energy efficient LG products can total $2,500. The online tool allows HVAC contractors to identify the maximum amount available to their clients by installing various types of energy efficient systems, according to Forrester Daily News.

“With the launch of this rebate center, contractors and end-users can easily find current rebates and incentives to offset some of the upfront costs of installing an LG single or multi zone split system,” said Dale Fields, Director of Distribution Sales, LG Air Conditioning Technologies.

Incentives were plenty last year for New York ConEd customers who chose energy-saving HVAC, lighting, building management systems, and other efficiency measures, which reduced electrical usage by 160,200 MWh and saved 266,500 dekatherms of gas. In 2016, ConEd paid out $4.9 million in incentives to industrial customers and $19.9 million to small businesses.

Earlier this year, New Jersey officials announced retrofit projects on two facilities in Trenton that included HVAC control replacement, new lighting systems and other improvements that are expected to cut about $496,000 from the bill.

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