Petition Active for Greenhouse Gas Fighting Food Additive

Brian McCowan, 4/1/2021.

Statarre Brands, which develops and produces additives for processed foods, has requested FDA testing and approval for a human and animal additive targeted at limiting gas emissions harmful to the environment. “It has been long known,” wrote lead project scientist Fing Pieru in the application, “that passing gas through flatulence is a significant contributor to Methane in the atmosphere, and that Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases.” The application proposes a semi-natural enzyme additive for grains fed to livestock first and eventual approval for human foods after safety testing.

Documents obtained by Zondits reveal that, unlike gas-reducing supplements that must be taken before consuming gas-producing foods, the proposed product would be added directly to grain mixes, and eventually to canned and frozen products such as beans, broccoli, and cabbage. In response to Zondits’ questions regarding the trend toward grass-fed beef and fresh local foods, Pieru stated that they are also working on modified seed products and hope to have those certified as organic.

To read the full FDA application, click here.