A Zondits Interview: Mastering the Big Ass Light Difference

Valerie Eacret and Todd Winner for Zondits, September 1, 2015. Image credit: Big Ass Light Zondits spoke with Big Ass Light’s Anthony Pistilli, who came to Big Ass Solutions as an engineering manager and now leads the engineering team that developed the award-winning Big Ass Light LED fixture for industrial facilities and garages. Before joining … Read more

A Zondits Interview: Building Robotics Optimizes HVAC Controls with Comfy

Michael Dean for Zondits, August 19, 2015. Image credit: Building Robotics Whether it’s walking in from a hot summer day to a freezing cold desk or in to an overly heated conference room in the dead of winter, employee complaints about temperature are prevalent in the workplace. But Building Robotics has developed a software for HVAC … Read more

A Zondits Interview: Big Ass Fans – Experts on Thermal Comfort Solutions

Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans – Experts on Thermal Comfort Solutions Valerie Eacret for Zondits, March 3, 2015 In an effort to highlight an energy efficient solution for winter heating, Zondits spoke with Christian Taber, an engineer at Big Ass Fans®, about fans and controls that automate heat destratification. The company designs and manufactures industrial, commercial, and … Read more

A Zondits Interview: Evluma Brings Innovation and Longer Life to Digitized Lighting


In previous articles written for Zondits we have talked about the “digitization” of light. We use this term because LED lighting is a “chip on board” technology and as such has a natural affinity to being integrated with other “chips.”

A Zondits Interview: Optimizing the Use of Energy Storage in Buildings


Zondits spoke with Doug Staker, Vice President of Global Sales at Demand Energy, to learn about Demand Energy’s cloud-based platform which integrates energy usage information to optimize the use of energy storage in buildings.