This Week’s Webinar: Assessing Key Delivery Practices for Large C&I Program Success

June 24, 2020

12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

Achieving high realization rates (RRs) in impact evaluations is a challenge for PAs. Typical large customer programs in Massachusetts and California yield gross RRs of 44%–70% for electric savings and 50%–70% for fuel savings. Ryan Collins, our featured speaker, works on an implementation team that has successfully delivered large customer C&I energy efficiency programs in Maine for more than a decade. The program’s most recent impact evaluation yielded a gross RR of 96.5% for electric savings and 86% for fuel savings. Ryan will share the delivery practices performed by the team that achieve high RRs.


Ryan Collins, ERS

Ryan Collins is a Project Consultant II with ERS. His areas of expertise include the monitoring and verification of energy efficiency projects and the analysis of energy efficiency and demand-limiting measures in commercial and industrial facilities. Ryan has experience leading measurement and verification activities for HVAC technologies, performing cost-benefit analysis, and providing data analytics services for utilities including Duke Energy, Wabash Valley Power Association, and Kansas City Board of Public Utilities. Ryan has also advised on clean energy business case development at numerous leading corporations for the Environmental Defense Fund.

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