‘Take the Long Way Home’ EV Ad Steals Spotlight

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 4/1/2022

Electric vehicle start-up Stidnoz has hired the PR firm Norbera, Dwaas, Bolond, and Amadan to produce their “Take the Long Way Home” advertising campaign. The ad agency is well known for its television ads for a popular dishwashing detergent that urges viewers to run their electric dishwashers every day even if they have only a few soiled items. The ads, which were prominent during the Winter Olympics, explain that since automatic dishwashers save water compared to washing dishes under constantly running hot water, it only makes sense that the more you run the dishwasher the more hot water you save.

Stidnoz spokesperson Pat Taylorson told reporters, “It’s so obvious that its almost hard to believe, but it’s true.” If driving your Stidnoz 100 miles saves 60 lbs. of harmful pollutants, then driving 200 miles clearly saves 120 lbs. We can solve this climate crises by simply driving more in the right vehicle. So, like the famous song says, “Take the Long Way Home.” The full script from the first ad, which will run during March Madness, can be viewed here.

You’ve been had by the Zondits fools Amadan and Pat Taylorson. Happy April Fools’ Day.

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