New Electric Car Travels 1,000 Miles on a Single Charge

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 4/1/2022

When Zondits saw the announcement of an EV that could go 1,000 miles between charges, we imagined a small, low-power car suitable for city environments. We were wrong. Its actually a big, black (other colors to be introduced for model year 2024) Cadillac with an engine more powerful than most V8s. General Motors spokesperson Jonathan Hiatt speaking to the motoring press at the annual American Automotive Innovation Expo (AAIE) extolled the virtues of the vehicle, “It’s a long black electric Cadillac that goes one thousand miles on a charge. Jerome Douglas, the developer of the Earth Fusion battery system, and I drove it all the way from Detroit to Phoenix, Arizona; that’s 1,976 miles and we only had to stop once to recharge.” Other advanced features of the EV include subterranean air conditioning and electron photo arrays for the self-driving system.

The announcement video from the AAIE can be viewed on YouTube at this link:

Vehicle specifications and anticipated pricing is available here.

You’ve been had by the Zondits fool. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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