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Virtual Power Plant on the Horizon for PGE Customers

9 Jul , 2020  

This article was published on energycentral.com on July 1, 2020. Portland General Electric Company (NYSE: POR) is set to launch a pilot program that will incentivize installation and connection of 525 residential energy storage batteries that PGE will dispatch, contributing up to four megawatts of energy to PGE’s grid. The distributed assets will create a […]

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Ask the Expert: What is a Virtual Power Plant, or VPP? (Part 1)

9 Apr , 2020  

Written by Jeff Perkins, ERS In this two-part series, Zondits will explore virtual power plants as an emerging technology that serves as a dynamic and boundless collection of resources. Part 1 will focus on defining what exactly a VPP is and how it is unique from the common microgrid concept. Part 2, brought to us […]

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