Clean Grid Technology, Energy Storage

Webinar: Thermal Storage for Active Demand Reduction

26 May , 2020  

thermal storage webinar

Our second webinar in the series wil explore two thermal storage solutions that were deployed in Massachusetts (one HVAC-based and one refrigeration-based).

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Building Technology, HVAC

Thermal Storage Applications – A Trip to the Future

19 Mar , 2020  

Written by Max Ma, ERS In the pre-industrial world, those seeking refuge from the blistering summer heat might have turned to ice harvested from mountain tops or caves. Such a precious form of cool technology was made obsolete with the advent of mechanical air-conditioning. However, now that electric demand charges make us sweat more than […]

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Industrial Technology, Refrigeration

Supermarkets Can Obtain New Revenue with Utility Demand Response Programs

27 Mar , 2017  

utility demand response CO2 condensing

Demand Response and Smart-grid Technologies in Supermarkets ACHR News, March 13, 2017 Supermarkets typically operate with razor-thin margins, which means fresh ideas that improve profits, such as participating in utility demand response or peak-shaving programs or selling thermal energy to local district heating and cooling grids to produce a revenue stream, are always welcome. Today, […]

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