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Rack Up Leftover Energy Savings This Thanksgiving

19 Nov , 2020  

energy.gov, 11/19/20 In 1789, President George Washington issued a Thanksgiving proclamation calling upon Americans to express gratitude for the happy conclusion to the nation’s war of independence and ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Since then, Thanksgiving has become a favorite American holiday as family and friends reunite to feast and give thanks. The one drawback, […]

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Industrial Technology, Process

Getting Technical with Industrial Process Heating

24 Jan , 2020  

Written by Kevin Boyd, ERS When most of us head into an audit of an industrial manufacturing facility, there are plenty of systems that we’re comfortable analyzing and making recommendations for. Lighting, HVAC, motors, and compressed–air systems are all things that we keep an eye on, and this is for good reason: We have well-established, […]

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Industrial Technology, Refrigeration

Primer on Refrigeration Heat Rejection

21 Oct , 2019  

This article was written by Max Ma Refrigeration is about moving heat “uphill” from a cold place to a hot place. When the heat gets to the hot place, your refrigeration system rejects it like you reject bank fees – indignantly and as fast as possible. Heat rejection equipment comes in a variety of types. […]

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Building Automation, Building Technology

New Temperature Sensors Offer Industry-Leading Power Efficiency

20 Jan , 2015  


Silicon Labs Introduces New Ultra-Low-Power Temperature Sensors Business Wire Press Release, January 12, 2015 Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leading provider of environmental and optical sensing solutions for the Internet of Things and industrial automation, today introduced a new family of high-precision temperature sensors offering industry-leading power efficiency. Silicon Labs’ ultra-low-power Si705x temperature sensors consume only 195 nA (typical average […]

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Industrial Technology, Process

How Data Center Temperatures Can Waste Your Company’s Energy and Money

12 Sep , 2014  


As engineers work to lessen the massive energy demands of data centers — which, the EPA estimates, already gobble up a whopping 3% of all electricity consumed in the U.S. — these facilities are getting warmer. This allows data center operators to save big on cooling costs and energy demands.

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