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SMUD Launches Natural Refrigerant Incentive Pilot

9 Jun , 2017  

Game Changer: SMUD’S natref incentives for reducing GHG emissions Ammonia 21, June 1, 2017 One of the key impediments to the uptake of almost any new technology is its higher initial cost compared to the technology it is replacing. And that has certainly been true of natural refrigerant systems. Apart from the rising sales of natural […]

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Program Implementation, Programs & Policy

SMUD’s Complete Energy Solutions Program Success Stories

9 Jul , 2015  

SMUD’s commercial energy-savings programs have helped ‘thousands’ of regional businesses The Sacramento Bee, June 25, 2015. Image credit: fancycrave1 Parks has seen energy-efficiency technology evolve dramatically over 25 years, to the point where SMUD now offers a long list of cost-saving energy options to businesses ranging from mom-and-pop stores to large industrial enterprises. Where energy-saving programs […]

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Why Utilities Intend to Make TOU Rates the Customer Standard

22 Jun , 2015  

New DOE report outlines how utilities can best manage & market time-of-use rates Utility Dive, June 17, 2015. Image credit: Unsplash The 10 participating utilities studied different types of rate treatments, the use of in-home displays and programmable thermostats, and the differences between opt-in and opt-out recruitment strategies. The study found that for critical-peak, event-driven demand […]

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