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Introducing Eco IQ to the Smart Thermostat Market

18 Jul , 2016  

SCHNEIDER INTRODUCES A SELF-LEARNING THERMOSTAT Builder Online, July 14, 2016 A new thermostat from Schneider Electric “learns” homeowners preferences for heating and cooling and adjusts accordingly. The Eco IQ feature of the company’s Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat takes the guesswork out of determining what temperature is optimal for users by quickly learning from homeowner feedback how […]

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Do Smart Thermostats Really Save Consumers Money?

5 May , 2016  

Nest-Thermostat Smart Thermostats

Can smart thermostats really help save money on your energy bill? Global News, May 1, 2016. Image credit: Nest According to a recent study commissioned by Telus, one of the greatest perceived benefits of living in a “smarter” home includes saving money and being greener. Of those who currently own a smart home gadget, 36 […]

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Could Smart Thermostats Be the New Low-Hanging Fruit?

13 Oct , 2015  

Are Smart Thermostats the New CFLS? Energy Efficiency Markets, October 13, 2015. Image credit: Sébastien Barré Commonwealth Edison, Nest, ecobee, gas utilities and advocacy groups are working together on the lengthy project. ComEd hopes to see the million mark reached in about five years, according to George Malek, ComEd’s director of energy efficiency services. CFLs were […]

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

Interest in Smart Thermostats Increasing

5 Jan , 2015  

Nest-Thermostat Smart Thermostats

Since 2013, the market for communicating and smart thermostats has exploded, according to Navigant Research, with 2014 seeing stronger traction with significant business activity in the form of mergers and acquisitions, international expansion, technological growth, and more conclusive evidence of cost-effectiveness.

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