IoT Applications Surge for Electric Utilities

industrial IoT applications

Follow the Patents: The Internet of Things has Arrived for Utilities Electric Light & Power, April 25, 2017 As the Internet has matured, more and more applications are being found for it. In addition to e-commerce, social media, banking, dating, Wikipedia and Over the Top video, there is the “Internet of Things” or “IoT.” This … Read more

AEP Ohio Enters Phase Two of Its gridSMART Project

aep ohio gridSMART

AEP Ohio Agrees to Retailer TOU Program Concurrent with Smart Meter Rollout Energy Manager Today, April 11, 2016. Image credit: pagaling AEP Ohio has entered into a Joint Stipulation and Recommendation Agreement under which the utility would complete phase two of its gridSMART deployment program and would allow the billing of Time of Use (TOU) rates by … Read more