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Fashion Trends: Going Green With Your Wardrobe

6 Feb , 2020  

Written by Shannon Dracup, ERS We’re taking a look at the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, a topic that is not often discussed when we think about sustainability. The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative and destructive industries on the planet, and its environmental damage is only increasing as the industry grows. […]

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Ask the Expert: What Is a Green Roof (Part 1)

2 Jul , 2019  

green roof

In this two-part series, Zondits will explore green roofs as an emerging technology that can be a component of utility efficiency programs. Part 1 will focus on exploring the numerous benefits of green roofs.

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All Coal Power Stations to Close by 2025 in Britain

10 Nov , 2016  

Britain’s last coal power plants to close by 2025 The Guardian, November 9, 2016 The last coal power station in Britain will be forced to close in 2025, the government said as it laid out its plan to phase-out the polluting fossil fuel. Ministers promised last year that the UK would close coal power within […]

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Texas Receives Grade ‘F’ for Ozone Pollution

17 Oct , 2014  

Earlier this year, close to 20 Texas counties received a grade of “F” from the American Lung Association for ozone pollution (up from 15 counties in 2013). Ozone is one of the most ubiquitous and harmful air pollutants on the planet and has been linked to premature deaths…

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