Storage Battery to Power an Electricity Evolution in Los Angeles

A Zondits Rundown: AES Corporation to Power an Electricity Evolution in Los Angeles By 2021 the Los Angeles “peaker,” a natural gas-burning power plant in Long Beach, will be replaced by the world’s largest storage battery, capable of holding and delivering over 100 megawatts of power an hour for four hours.  For reference, the output of 100 … Read more

Bowerman Landfill Converts Trash to Energy

Bowerman Landfill

Gas-to-electricity plant debuts at Irvine’s Bowerman Landfill LA Times, March 30, 2016. Image credit: Alexas_Fotos The proverbial link between trash and treasure has evolved into a symbiotic relationship between energy and efficiency with the coming of a renewable-energy power plant to Irvine’s Bowerman Landfill. [bctt tweet=”The Bowerman Power Project is capturing methane gas from trash and … Read more