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LEDs Could Be Summer Vacation Plans for Maine Schools

25 Mar , 2020  

This article was originally published on energynews.us on 3.17.2020. Public schools in Maine this month can get extra financial assistance to install LED lighting. Aside from being a cleaner source of energy, efficiency experts say the new technology can save a lot of money in the long term for schools, where lights are one of […]

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A Guide to Saving Energy with LEDs

28 Aug , 2017  

LED Lighting Retrofit best LED light bulbs

Dragon’s Guide To A 100% Renewable Home — Part 1 (LEDs) Clean Technica, December 9, 2016 In Southern California, actor Ed Begley Jr. is famous for going 100% renewable back when it was prohibitively expensive to do so. In 1985, he bought a stake in a wind farm. In 1990, he installed solar panels on his roof. […]

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Deciphering LED Metrics

8 Feb , 2016  

Inside LED Metrics Buildings, January 29, 2016. Image credits: Lee_seonghak Lighting Facts Labels The DOE established the LED Lighting Facts program to ensure one consistent source of information about all LED products. Lighting Facts labels include five basic metrics. Color temperature (CCT): Color temperature characterizes how “cool” (blue) or “warm” (yellow) a white light appears. Ratings […]

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Lighting and Indoor Agriculture

12 Jan , 2016  

indoor agriculture

Todd Winner for Zondits. January 12, 2016. Image credit: fotobias The retail marijuana market is booming. Among the 23 states that have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, as well as the 4 states (and Washington D.C.) that have legalized cannabis for recreational use, the demand is rising. And with other states currently looking to legalize […]

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Could Smart Thermostats Be the New Low-Hanging Fruit?

13 Oct , 2015  

Are Smart Thermostats the New CFLS? Energy Efficiency Markets, October 13, 2015. Image credit: Sébastien Barré Commonwealth Edison, Nest, ecobee, gas utilities and advocacy groups are working together on the lengthy project. ComEd hopes to see the million mark reached in about five years, according to George Malek, ComEd’s director of energy efficiency services. CFLs were […]

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Port of Miami Tunnel: the Last to Use Fluorescent Lights?

26 Mar , 2015  

Gita Subramony for Zondits, March 26, 2015 Miami’s newest infrastructure project, a 4,200-foot vehicle tunnel that connects the city’s airport and Interstate 95 with the Port of Miami, is significant for many reasons. Not only is the project massive, but it also might be the last major vehicle tunnel project to use high-pressure sodium fixtures […]

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Smart Lamps Up the Ante for Urban Energy Efficiency

4 Mar , 2015  

smart lamps

How Smart Lamps Improve City-wide Efficiency Sourceable, March 3, 2015 Urban energy efficiency may soon receive a boost from the development of smart lamps that are capable of responding intelligently to environmental and traffic conditions by means of sensors. Reducing energy consumption by replacing conventional light bulbs with more economic technology, such as LED lamps, has […]

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Smart Street Lighting Reduces Energy Consumption in Spanish Cities

24 Feb , 2015  


8 Spanish cities cut energy consumption by 64% with smart street lighting Smart Cities Council, February 13, 2015 Eight Spanish cities reduced their electricity consumption by 64% and saved over 4,300 tonnes of C02 in 2014, thanks to efficient street lighting systems and technologies that both cut costs and benefit the environment. According to Council […]

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Clean Technologies That Have Global Impact

20 Feb , 2015  


12 Technologies Which Could Save The World BuzzFeed, February 18, 2015 1. Solar glass We’re familiar with solar panels, and solar is probably the most promising renewable energy source. But we are on the verge of a major change in the technology. “Power generating windows are already available and companies are working hard to cut costs […]

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Osram Achieves 8% Efficiency Increase in Blue LED Chips

19 Feb , 2015  

Osram boosts efficiency of blue LED chips by 8% Semiconductor Today, February 16, 2015 Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany claims that it has achieved one of the best values in the world in terms of forward voltage for blue high-current chips, leading to an increase in efficiency of up to 8%. Optimized indium […]

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