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Re-classified Regulations Allow Larger Capacity CO2 Systems

4 Aug , 2017  

CO2 Systems

Key Japan CO2 regulation lifted r744.com, July 18, 2017 The High Pressure Safety Institute of Japan (KHK) has re-classified CO2 under Japan’s High Pressure Gas Safety Act, opening the door for larger capacity CO2 systems to enter the Japanese market. On 14 July, the High Pressure Safety Institute of Japan (KHK) announced that, beginning 25 July, CO2 would be […]

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Awareness of HFC-Free Refrigeration Systems Increase

22 Jun , 2017  


FOOMA Japan 2017: Food manufacturers seek NatRef solutions R744, June 16,2017 As awareness of HFC-free refrigeration systems among industrial food manufacturers in Japan increases, companies like Mayekawa and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems Co. Ltd (MHI) are responding by expanding their product line-ups.The NewTon CH system, on display at the FOOMA Japan 2017 exhibition, is […]

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Industrial Technology, Refrigeration

Natural Refrigerant Solutions are Booming in Japan

16 Feb , 2017  

Bryan Kilgore, ERS, for Zondits Natural refrigerant solutions are booming in Japan. The number of transcritical CO2 systems installed in convenience stores and supermarkets has grown to over 2,400 installations – up from 190 in 2014. Japanese companies such as Panasonic, Sanden, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have developed and installed CO2 systems with outdoor condensing […]

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