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Bank Sustainably and Invest in a Greener Planet

7 Feb , 2020  

Written by Elihu Dietz, ERS As the connection between fossil fuels and financing becomes more widely appreciated, retail banking customers are asking more questions – specifically about how their money may be supporting companies that are contributing the most to global warming. This recent New York Times op-ed gives a nice breakdown of this movement, and […]

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Finance, Markets & Business

Advantages of Efficiency Investment with Low Energy Prices

19 Feb , 2015  


Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, February 19, 2015 Because natural gas and oil prices are low in North America right now, investing in energy efficiency improvements may be counter-intuitive. There are reasons to conclude, though, that it is ultimately a wise choice. Those low prices may actually make this the best time to invest in energy […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Connectivity

Investing in Solar Energy Beyond the Grid

3 Feb , 2015  

beyond the grid smart building

What Fenix International’s Investment Says About Solar Beyond the Grid in 2015 Huffington Post, February 2, 2015 We’re only one month into 2015 and it already looks like it’ll be a wild ride when it comes to investment in solar energy beyond the grid. I say that because I recently sat down with a private […]

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