LED Bulbs: The Energy Efficiency No-Brainer

The Most Important Light Bulb Deal in the World Slate, March 18, 2016. Image credit: David Mellis Today, the worm has turned. With production levels increasing, the per-unit cost of LEDs has fallen sharply. (You can get a decent GE LED for about $6 at retail.) Higher efficiency standards have pushed incandescents out of the mix … Read more

GE’s Current Installs the World’s Largest LED Retrofit

led retrofit

World’s Largest LED Retrofit Will Cut Chase Bank’s Lighting Bill In Half GE Reports, February 18, 2016. Image credit: M.O. Stevens Banking is about to get brighter. In a deal amounting to the largest single installation of LED lights in history, some 5,000 Chase branches will replace indoor light bulbs and fluorescent tubes and outdoor … Read more