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Berkeley Labs Reports Data Center Energy Consumption Plateau

5 Jul , 2016  

Data Centers Are No Longer The Energy Hogs They Once Were Fortune, June 27, 2016 Efforts by some of the world’s largest Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon to reduce the amount of energy their data centers consume is now bearing fruit. According to a new report released on Monday from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the number of data centers has […]

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Powering the Internet in America

30 Jun , 2016  

Berkeley Lab: It Takes 70 Billion Kilowatt Hours A Year To Run The Internet Forbes, June 28, 2016 America’s myriad server farms and data centers operate 100 million drives that hold 350 million terabytes of data — everything from your decade-old emails to lolcat videos and the collected offerings of Netflix. A new report from the Department of Energy’s […]

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