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The State of Technology: Building Automation Systems

21 Apr , 2016  

building automation systems

Frank Arena, ERS, for Zondits. April 20, 2016. Image credit: RichardLey Building automation technology has come a long way over the years, thanks to advances in communication, which have helped to drive the development of electronic control technologies. These advances have made what was once a sketchy and maintenance-heavy control scheme into one that is powerful […]

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

DOE Funding Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

28 Sep , 2015  


U.S. DOE Offers $70M for Smart Manufacturing Institute Energy Efficiency Markets, September 22, 2015. Image credit: TBIT The U.S. Department of Energy is offering up to $70 million in funding for a new institute that will focus on smart manufacturing research and development. “Smart manufacturing is a key information technology approach to unlocking energy efficiency in manufacturing,” […]

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Building Automation, Building Technology

Penn State is Using Automated Controls to Reduce GHG Emissions

19 Aug , 2015  

Penn State uses digital building automation systems to boost sustainability Penn State News, August 11, 2015. Image credit: drocpsu Since Penn State has 20.5 million square feet of building space at University Park campus alone, the building automation systems are a major component of the University’s overall energy reduction and conservation efforts. The automated controls have […]

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Building Technology, HVAC

OEMs Offer Smarter Controls for Peak HVAC Performance

24 Jun , 2015  

OEMs are In Control ACHR News, June 22, 2015. Image credit: Life-Of-Pix KEEPING CONTROL There are numerous third-party smart controls available — including the Nest thermostat, which some feel initiated the trend toward smart controls — but control platforms offered by OEMs can often lead to more robust system performance. As Scott Evans, EcoNet product manager, […]

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Building Technology, Whole Building

Lighting & HVAC Efficiency Improved by Integrating Controls

3 Nov , 2014  

Facility directors looking for ways to improve building performance, reduce energy consumption, and shrink their structure’s environmental footprint would do well to focus first on their lighting, cooling, space heating, and ventilation systems.

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Codes & Standards, Programs & Policy

ASHRAE Lighting Control Requirements Balance Savings with Comfort

10 Oct , 2014  

Buildings consume nearly 40% of the world’s energy, and in the past 20 years the building industry has focused on sustainability, efficiency, and practical energy-saving solutions for both new construction and retrofits.

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