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Is it Time to Repair or Replace Your Condensing Unit?

6 Jun , 2016  

condensing unit

Condenser Units: When to Repair and When to Replace ACHR News, June 6, 2016. Image credits: stevepb CAUSE OF FAILURE Many things can cause an outdoor condensing unit to stop working, the most common of which are compressor and coil failures. Scott Merritt, owner of Fire & Ice Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbus, Ohio, also […]

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Startup Claims to Have Invented Isothermal Compressor

2 Mar , 2015  

Isothermal Compressor

Startup Claims to Have Invented Isothermal Compressor Jesse Remillard for Zondits, March 2, 2015 A startup called Carnot Compression LLC claims that it has invented a centrifugal compressor that achieves isothermal (constant temperature) compression. While the exact operation and design of the compressor have not been released, the nine-person company says it has achieved this […]

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A Zondits Interview: Leading the Way to Efficient Refrigeration

30 Jun , 2014  


While it’s surprising that this idea isn’t already as prevalent in the refrigeration market as it is in the HVAC world, we’re glad that Freeaire has led the way to efficient refrigeration.

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