Is it Time to Repair or Replace Your Condensing Unit?

condensing unit

Condenser Units: When to Repair and When to Replace ACHR News, June 6, 2016. Image credits: stevepb CAUSE OF FAILURE Many things can cause an outdoor condensing unit to stop working, the most common of which are compressor and coil failures. Scott Merritt, owner of Fire & Ice Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbus, Ohio, also … Read more

Startup Claims to Have Invented Isothermal Compressor

Isothermal Compressor

Startup Claims to Have Invented Isothermal Compressor Jesse Remillard for Zondits, March 2, 2015 A startup called Carnot Compression LLC claims that it has invented a centrifugal compressor that achieves isothermal (constant temperature) compression. While the exact operation and design of the compressor have not been released, the nine-person company says it has achieved this … Read more