Jack-O-Lanterns Add to Scary GHG Emission Levels

Alex Schultz, ERS With fall comes cooler weather, apple cider, and Halloween décor: 151.95 million Americans plan to carve a pumpkin this year. Jack-o-lanterns provide a festive look to any front door, but they also represent a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions as they decompose. Talk about spooky! When a pumpkin ends up in … Read more

Trash Talk: Are You Up for the Challenge this Earth Day?

Written by Alex Schultz, ERS Did you know that the United States produced 278 million tons of municipal waste in 2017 – equivalent to 4.51 pounds per person, per day? Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, which makes now a great time to reflect on ways we can make more sustainable choices in our everyday … Read more