Precast Concrete Walls are Winning Awards for Energy Efficiency

Precast concrete walls are durable and energy efficient The Kansas City Star, July 15, 2016 Homeowners thinking outside the traditional wood-framed residential box are pouring on the creativity when building houses with precast concrete walls. Not only used in below-grade applications, concrete shows its durability and energy efficiency from the ground up in new home … Read more

The State of Technology: Building Envelopes

building envelopes

Nick Collins, ERS, for Zondits March 22, 2016. Image Credit: unsplash In this article we’ll review the general purpose of building envelopes by looking at “the perfect wall.” This concept comes from Building Science Corporation (BSC) and is based on centuries of envelope system successes and failures. BSC’s perfect wall is not proprietary information; instead, it … Read more