Sustainability Collides with Modern Entertainment on Netflix

Taylor Patterson, ERS

Down to Earth, a new Netflix docu-series, follows actor Zac Efron around the world as he explores sustainable practices, resource conservation methods, and energy efficiency solutions. Zac’s quest to “gain new perspectives on old problems” follows him through eight episodes, each taking place in a different country and focusing on a unique environmental topic. From facility tours, meetings with environmental scientists, and interviews with government officials, this series displays firsthand knowledge of the planning, effort, and ambition required to implement successful practices that create a more eco-friendly and equitable community. Zac’s signature charm and humor provide a welcome balance to the serious discussions around climate change as he dives into different solutions around the world that could hold the key to a cleaner and more sustainable planet earth.

Below are sneak peeks of the first two episodes of Netflix’s Down to Earth.

Episode 1: Iceland welcomes Zac’s team to tour their geothermal heating facility, the powerhouse behind a nationwide heating system that relies 100% on renewable energy. The facility tour demonstrates how geothermal energy is captured, stored, and distributed for various uses, including heating all of Iceland’s main roadways! Bonus: Learn how native Iceland residents use the earth as a natural oven to bake rye bread as part of a traditional Icelandic dish.

Episode 2: Do you think all water tastes the same? Zac Efron and special guest Anna Kendrick conduct a water tasting in California, confirming that all water does not, in fact, taste the same! But how? And why? You’ll have to watch to find out…

After the water tasting, Zac and his team then fly across the pond to Paris where they engage with government program executives in charge of implementing a clean water system across one of the world’s most renowned cities. This system delivers the cleanest, healthiest water to public fountains all over Paris in a way that conserves fresh-water resources and minimizes energy usage. Zac learns about this model system that demonstrates not only the utilization of clean water supply but also energy efficient systems and, most importantly, the equitable availability of natural resources to all Parisians.

Keep Watching: Okay, we won’t give away the whole season. But the next time you are on Netflix deciding which show to binge on a rainy afternoon, let Zac Efron entertain you with this informative, interesting, and inspiring series, Down to Earth.

September 11, 2020.