Setting the Foundation for Building2Grid

2016 Intelligent Buildings Survey


Technology is changing the way building owners and facility executives manage commercial buildings. The proliferation of sensing, automation, and control devices, as well as software and services, underscores the transition in building management toward more strategic decision-making around cost containment, energy efficiency, sustainability, and occupant satisfaction. Several high-profile case studies showcase how technology is helping to transform commercial facilities into intelligent buildings. Yet, there is also confusion among potential customers and differing opinions on the pace of the transition toward intelligent buildings. Navigant Research and Building Operating Management magazine teamed up in the summer of 2016 to take stock of the customer point of view on energy efficiency and intelligent building technologies and the outlook for market transformation.

Energy efficient and intelligent building technologies and services are foundational to setting the stage for the Building2Grid concept. To take advantage of business opportunities developing with the Energy Cloud, building owners and facility executives must manage energy efficient equipment within the facility through automation and control technologies that are directed by sophisticated software analytics and services. A large and diverse landscape of vendors showcases how early adopters are investing in and benefiting from intelligent building and energy efficient technologies. However, in order to see market transformation become a reality, there needs to be broad market penetration of these solutions.

This Navigant Research white paper provides insight into the customer point of view on the proliferation of energy efficient and intelligent building technologies in the commercial segment. Navigant Research and Building Operating Management gathered insights on investment and market outlook from 202 respondents, with over two-thirds representing facilities management/building operations. These corporate decision makers provide a customer point of view across the spectrum of building management. One-third of these respondents report responsibility for managing mixed portfolios of large and small buildings and just under a third manage large individual buildings.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What types of budgets are customers setting aside for intelligent building and energy efficiency investments?
  • What is the vision of a next-generation facility that has implemented intelligent building and energy efficiency technologies?
  • What are the biggest investment drivers for intelligent buildings?
  • How familiar are customers with technology innovation related to intelligent buildings?
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