Selling HVAC Efficiency to an Increasingly Educated Consumer Base

Technique Matters When Presenting Energy-efficient Options

ACHR News, September 26, 2016

In today’s marketplace, customers are opting to educate themselves on HVAC products via the internet prior to a contractor’s arrival. A recent American Home Comfort study from Decision Analyst reinforces this revelation, reporting that, for the first time in years, homeowners are more trusting of the internet for HVAC information than they are their contractors.

And while this study had been trending in that direction for years, its results are still impactful. So, how are contractors presenting energy-efficiency to a more educated consumer base?

Matthew Pillius, owner and CEO of Royal Class Service in New Windsor, New York, believes the tried-and-true process of offering rebates and any possible incentives is a reliable approach.

For Phil London, vice president of residential services, Thermal Concepts Inc., Davie, Florida, it is important to take a direct approach when showcasing potential savings.

Still, for as knowledgeable as a part of the consumer base has become, contractors still need to preach the benefits of increased efficiency.

“We list [efficiencies] in our proposals, mainly because it takes a great deal of conversation to describe how the house works as a system and explain how to calculate a Manual J load. Additionally, showing [customers] how important it is to properly size equipment generally helps, as well,” said Pillius.

Tannenbaum said, often times, it goes beyond the equipment itself.

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