Real Estate Giant Rudin Invests in Energy Efficiency

This article was written for NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program (CTP), which offers financial assistance for energy studies in tenant spaces. For more information on the program visit the NYSERDA CTP website.
Kelly O’Connell, ERS for Zondits, August 15, 2018

Rudin Management, one of New York’s top real estate firms, partnered with NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program to give its new 39,800-square-foot office space on Park Avenue a major upgrade.

With a focus on their corporate efficiency and sustainability goals, Rudin worked with OLA Consulting Engineers to develop an energy and financial analysis to determine which energy efficiency upgrades would best suit the needs and vision of the company.

The final design incorporates HVAC and lighting measures, which are saving an estimated 20% of Rudin’s preexisting energy use. The company is also utilizing its child company’s intelligent building operating system, NANTUM’s Tenant Fractal, which uses machine learning to provide real-time energy usage, space temperature, and occupancy tracking. The combination of these efficiency measures successfully pushed the build-out to exceed current energy code requirements, a goal of the project.

Since the implementation of the project, Rudin has showcased its high-performing space to its clientele interested in energy efficiency upgrades. It is a great way for the firm to exemplify that it can “walk the talk.” Rudin also recently joined the NYC Carbon Challenge to continue to expand its sustainability efforts. Bill Rudin, CEO of Rudin and Chairman of the Association for a Better New York, said in a press release about the Carbon Challenge, “We look forward to working with these other large commercial owners and our tenants to continue to drive deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in our buildings, ensuring that our City is at the forefront of innovative and progressive thinking to fight climate change.”

NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program focuses on balancing energy savings with financial requirements and empowering commercial tenants to work with their landlords to facilitate energy efficiency in commercial spaces. The program offers two tracks, Basic and High-Performance, which allow each participant the flexibility to meet their goals on their own budget. For more information about the program, check out NYSERDA’s website.

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