Ranking Efficiency on a Global Scale

World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries

Just Means, February 23, 2016. Image credit: geralt

Energy efficiency is defined as ‘’using less energy to provide the same service.” In 2016, energy efficiency is a primary concern for many countries. With diminishing fossil fuel resources and rapid population growth, there are several reasons why countries all over the globe are looking to improve their energy efficiency. Not only is energy efficiency important for environmental matters – it is also linked with economic competitiveness. By many measures, an economy’s level of efficiency is a significant indicator of its proclivity to modernise.There are countless ways that companies can save energy from switching off idle computers to turning off lights in empty rooms.

According to a recent study, businesses that implement energy management systems have reduced their energy costs by up to 30%. In July of 2014, the bipartisan non-profit organisation the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) published a study called ‘’The International Energy Efficiency Scorecard.” The ACEEE examined 16 of the world’s major economies to determine who is leading on efficiency and sustainability. Collectively, these economies consume 71% of the world’s electricity. The rankings were calculated by scoring out of 100 possible points. Thirty-two metrics relating to both policy and performance were evaluated in order to establish which nation took the top spot.

The ACEEE examined each country’s ‘’national efforts’’ to cut energy costs as well as how energy is managed within the transport, industry and construction sectors. The ACEEE’s executive director, Steven Nadel said, ‘’Germany is a prime example of a nation that has made energy a top priority. The United States, long considered an innovative and competitive world leader, has progressed slowly and has made limited progress since our last report.’’ This is a further indication that energy efficiency is tied to economic competitiveness. Taking the ACEEE’s findings into consideration, the people at Halfprice.com.au created the below infographic that reveals the most energy-efficient countries in the world.

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