Paul Hastings LLP Reduces Physical and Environmental Footprint

This article was written for NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program (CTP), which offers financial assistance for energy studies in tenant spaces. For more information on the program visit the NYSERDA CTP website.


Written by Kelly O’Connell, ERS for Zondits, December 7, 2018

In 2016, Paul Hastings LLP moved to a new office space in the MetLife Building in Midtown Manhattan. With ever-increasing rents and shifting employee priorities, the major law firm took a new, innovative approach to the typical law office layout, which has resulted in drastic reductions in square footage and energy use. Robert Derector Associates, the consulting MEP firm, worked closely with Paul Hastings and NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program to develop an in-depth energy and financial analysis to develop an innovative design that balanced form, function, and sustainability. The results are a more efficient, collaborative workspace that now has a 16% smaller footprint and a 23% reduction in energy use.

Paul Hastings’ new space prioritizes communal workspaces and smaller desks, which line the perimeter of each floor, rather than the traditional, roomy corner offices for partners. “It takes personal stature out of the equation,” chairman Seth Zachary told American Lawyer  about the decision to create uniform offices and make the most prime real estate communal. With glass-walled offices lining the interior of the space, natural light penetrates whole floors, which makes for a more comfortable environment. The firm is also actively working to reduce lighting and HVAC operating time by encouraging employees to work normal business hours, rather than typical law firm hours. The addition of flexible, communal workspaces facilitates the reduced operating hours by congregating staff into set areas when working outside of business hours.

Paul Hastings also incorporated several more traditional energy efficiency measures into their new space, including high efficiency LED lighting and controls, ENERGY STAR equipment, and efficient motors.

NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program focuses on balancing energy savings with financial requirements and empowering commercial tenants to work with their landlords to facilitate energy efficiency in commercial spaces. The program offers various options that allow each participant the flexibility to meet their goals within their budget. For more information about the program, check out NYSERDA’s website.

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