New Yorkers Saving More than Energy With Efficiency

Dip in Energy Prices Plus Energy Efficiency = Savings

Hudson Valley News Network, March 8, 2016. Image credit: Unsplash

According to a news release from Con Edison, all New Yorkers got the benefit of declining energy prices in 2015, but 28,300 Con Edison customers found an additional way to save money: they got rebates from the utility for making energy-saving upgrades.

Those customers received $44 million in incentives from Con Edison for upgrades that included lighting, HVAC equipment, building management systems and other improvements.

Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs provide multiple benefits to New Yorkers. The upgrades customers made last year prevent the emission of 111,800 tons of carbon into the air annually. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s the equivalent of taking more than 23,500 cars off the road.

For a small business, reducing energy costs means more money for the bottom line or to invest in workers, product or other area. More than 5,300 small business customers received $23 million in incentives last year.

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