Intelligent Lighting Helps Achieve VW’s “Think Blue. Factory.” Campaign Targets

Intelligent light for VW parking garage saves 65% in energy

Osram, July 4, 2016

One of the largest and most modern logistics centres in Europe is located at Baunatal near Kassel in Germany – the original parts centre for Volkswagen. More than 450,000 VW original components are dispatched from the location to seven domestic sales centres and 83 countries. As part of the “Think Blue. Factory.” campaign, Volkswagen also aimed to set standards in terms of energy saving, and as a consequence it was decided to sustainably upgrade the company’s employee car parking lots with 500 LED luminaires. Energy savings of 65% are now achieved with the new lighting installation from Osram based on innovative LED luminaires and intelligent light control. Thanks to electricity cost savings, the investment is also paid back within three years.

With the “Think Blue. Factory.” campaign, Volkswagen set itself the global target of cutting energy by 25% via refurbishment measures and new constructions. For upgrading the lighting system in the employee parking garage at Baunatal, VW was on the lookout for a complete solution that not only met requirements concerning energy economy but also provided significant added value in terms of safety, reliability and simple handling. Osram Lighting Solutions drew up a modern lighting concept for the purpose that cuts both energy consumption and costs and simultaneously improves convenience.

A new analysis process as the basis for the concept

The obsolete system was equipped with 350 1×58 W damp-proof luminaires with low-loss ballasts and a yearly consumption of approximately 140,000 kWh, corresponding to greenhouse gas emissions of 93 tons. As a first step, technicians from VW and Osram/Siteco carried out a detailed analysis together concerning future needs. Frequentation in the existing car park was measured by a data logger, and the measuring results were then input into the cost-efficiency calculation, which included return on investment. The new type of analysis supplies the basis for the concept of the new lighting system.

Energy savings of 65% with the new lighting system

The new lighting solution scores points both ecologically and economically, and helps VW to achieve its “Think Blue. Factory.” targets. Energy reduction with the new system is a verifiable 65% and the return on investment (ROI) is three years. The 350 new luminaires together with high-resolution sensors and professional control technology annually save approximately 90,000 kWh and therefore 60 tons of CO2 emissions. As a full solution provider, Osram Lighting Solutions offers complete lighting solutions from a single source, and ensures problem-free projects from planning and implementation to installation.

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