Honeywell Improves Efficiency in Cascade System

R450A increases efficiency in CO2 cascade

Cooling Post, March 20, 2016. Image credit: Honeywell

Honeywell is having further success in deploying lower GWP HFO refrigerant blend R450A in combination with CO2 in cascade refrigeration systems.

Covirán worked closely with its Logroño-based specialist partner Systemfrost to develop a solution that would combine best-in-class performance with sustainability. Systemfrost designed a cascade system utilising R450A – an HFO/HFC blend with a GWP of 601, marketed by Honeywell as Solstice N13 – and CO2. It was designed to meet key criteria around energy efficiency, emissions reduction and refrigeration performance.

A blend of 42% R134a and 58% HFO1234ze(E), R450A has a GWP of around 601, less than half that of R134a. The total charge of R450A in the Covirán system is 1,020kg.

[bctt tweet=”The R450A cascade refrigeration system is expected to reduce annual energy consumption by 3+%.”]

The system is expected to reduce annual energy consumption by more than 3% and achieve lower direct carbon dioxide emissions of 60% annual compared to a similar system using R134a, the traditional refrigerant used in such applications.


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