Energy Management Solutions for Smart Factories and Green Buildings

Smart factory and green building solutions

CAN Newsletter, September 26, 2016

Delta presented a spectrum of automation and energy management solutions with leading energy efficiency for smart factories, green buildings, renewable energy systems, EV charging networks, and more.

For example Delta showcased its 25 kW Wallbox DC Quick EV Charger which can recharge the battery of a Nissan Leaf from 0 % to 80 % within 40 minutes (Photo: Delta)

At the Hanover Fair this year Delta has introduced and now offers the following solutions:

Industrial automation solutions: Delta’s (Netherlands) Integrated Factory Control Platform integrates the mid-range PLC AH500 series as host controllers, the SCADA System DIA View and the industrial energy management system DIA Energie for real-time manufacturing process monitoring. All data is managed by the Industrial PC IPC series and preserved by the Vida Grid internet Cloud service for customers’ real-time management. According to the company, this system architecture fosters higher productivity and flexibility in a wide range of manufacturing processes with its “customer-centric” logistics management approach. Other automation solutions include the Multiple Water Pumps Control Solution and CNC solutions. The Multiple Water Pumps Control Solution is for applications in HVAC systems, water treatment and related fields. Delta will also demonstrated automation solutions for food packaging, energy saving for elevators, and power quality. Within the range of AC motor drives, AC servo drives, PLCs, industrial PCs, machine vision solutions, HMIs, industrial Ethernet switches and smart sensors, the AS Series PLC, featuring a 32-bit SoC CPU, is able to control up to eight axes via CANopen motion network or up to six axes via pulse control (200 kHz). The drives, MH300 and MS300 series, with up to 40 % size reduction and built-in PLC, support open/closed loop control for both IM and PM motors.

Building automation solutions: The Building Management and Control System (BMCS) is an IP-based integrated and platform for centralized management and distributed control of several systems with different protocols (for example CANopen) within building operations. According to the company it improves efficiency and reduces costs. Another solution for buildings is the Delta Energy Online, a web-based tool for energy monitoring and visual analytics as well as advanced energy consumption diagnostics that support strategic plans for energy savings in buildings. These solutions have recently been implemented at Delta’s headquarters for the Americas region, and currently support the building to become the 1st net-zero energy green building in Fremont, Ca., USA.

The company also showcased various products of battery energy storage solutions, renewable energy solutions, EV charging solutions, datacenter infrastructure solutions, as well as telecom network energy solutions.

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