Energy Audit the First of it’s Kind, Brings in New Clientele

Alex Schultz, ERS

Energy audits are commonplace in the efficiency services industry. Engineers and consulting professionals are frequently conducting audits in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors to help clients assess where they are at and what improvements they can make in order to reach efficiency goals. However, December 2020 will stand as a monumental time in energy audit history…

This month, a team of specialized energy efficiency auditors was tasked with conducting an energy audit that would be the first of it’s kind, going where no auditor has gone. This specialized operations team, known as Zondits ELVES, performed an energy audit at none other than the North Pole! Following a successful job and happy client, Zondits ELVES have signed a lifelong contract to continue audits for none other than… you guessed it… Santa Claus himself! Way to go ELVES.

The report memo below summarizes the audit findings.

Memo report summarizing the findings of an energy audit conducted at the North Pole by Zondits' ELVES.