Did You Make the Most Important List of 2020?

Taylor Patterson, ERS

Santa Claus, like many of us, has faced unprecedented challenges this year because of  the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has had tremendous impacts on all aspects of life: School, work, social life, the economy, and the environment. It has shined a light on pressing issues, like human impacts on the environment and the fragility of small businesses, while also encouraging people to appreciate the simple things as they take a new perspective on a modified “normal” way of living.

Unfortunately, Santa’s elves are not immune to the coronavirus, which has left Santa Claus short-handed and in need of some holiday help. Lucky for us, Zondits was hired to do some virtual work for the North Pole! And not just any work; Santa has trusted Zondits with completing his most secret task – reviewing the naughty and nice lists! We have been given full reign by the big man in charge to include new criteria that determines who is naughty and who is nice. In order to show Santa Claus and the elves that Zondits is up to the task, our staff has brainstormed a list of traits that earn someone points – or lose them – to decide which list everyone falls on. Curious about how you’ll hold up? Check out the list below, add and subtract points where you meet or miss criteria, and get a better idea of what you can expect to find under the tree Christmas morning.

Left the light on in your house (-1)
Forgot to recycle plastic and paper waste (-1)
Littered (-1)
Throw out leftover food (-1)
Claimed not to care about climate change (-3)
Did not use up all the leftover cookie dough while baking Christmas cookies (-3)
Did not utilize right to vote in the election – must be 18+ years old (-3)
Did not wear a mask in public (-3)
Refused to sing Christmas carols (-5)
Picked up a piece of trash (+1)
Recycled paper or plastic goods (+1)
Spent quality time outdoors (+1)
Took up a new hobby (+1)
Had family Zoom calls (+1)
Brought supplies to a family/friend at risk (+1)
Reached out to check in on someone else (+3)
Supported a small business (+3)
Assisted in remote learning (+3)
Adopted a dog or other pet (+3)
Worked on the front lines of the pandemic (+5)

What’s your score?

15+ = You’re a shoo-in for the nice list! Keep up the good work!

6 – 15 = It’s a little close, but Santa has a good feeling you’ll pull through.

0 – 5 = This one’s going to be close! Coal or presents? You decide.

(-1) – (-7) = You’ve got some catching up to do, but there’s still time! Don’t give up!

(-8) – (-21) = It’s time to do some reflecting. Let the coal in your stocking motivate you to do better in 2021. Remember, Santa never runs out of forgiveness.