A CO2-Based Cooling Solution for the Fishing Industry

Advansor enters CO2 fishing race

R744, April 19, 2017

According to Advansor, of the 4.7 million small and medium-sized fishing vessels currently active worldwide, approximately 80% use climate-damaging refrigerant R22.
The Danish firm and other companies are teaming up with UNIDO and the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) in a joint working group to develop a CO2-based alternative to R22.
Advansor argues that the success of CO2 in the supermarket sector shows that change is possible. Research by shecco indicates that there are currently around 9,000 CO2 transcritical supermarkets operating in Europe.
“We want to help to save the world and develop ecologically sound solutions that are so cheap and efficient. We are keen to encourage the use of CO2 as it has no harmful impact on the environment,” said DTI’s Lars Reinholdt.

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