BUILD UPON Launches to Reduce EU Building Emissions

Valerie Eacret, ERS, for Zondits
March 9, 2016. Image credit: epicantus

The BUILD UPON project supports European government, industry, and civil society in delivering plans to renovate each European Union nation’s existing buildings to improve their energy efficiency, as required by law by April 2017. It will bring more than 1,000 organizations through 80 events that will focus on reducing building emissions.

World’s largest building renovation collaborative project launched

RAC Plus, March 1, 2016

After more than a year of preparations, the BUILD UPON project is launching a series of 80 European events that aim to bring together more than 1,000 organisations in a concerted effort to reduce emissions from buildings.

The €2.35m project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is led by Green Building Councils from 13 countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey, and is supported by the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network.

The BUILD UPON project will use two key platforms to aid this collaboration:

  • The “RenoWiki” – a groundbreaking online portal which allows individuals to upload real-life initiatives on building renovations in Europe in order to share best practice and successful initiatives. To date, there are more than 550 initiatives on the RenoWiki.Examples include Latvia’s ‘Lets Live Warmer’, an award-winning awareness raising campaign that has led to greater uptake of housing insulation, and “RenoValue”, a project aimed at training building valuation professionals to factor energy efficiency into their valuation practices.
  • A series of over 80 events in the capital and major cities of the 13 project countries to consult and engage key players in what could be included in their renovation strategies, such as policy measures, finance mechanisms, skills programmes and awareness raising initiatives.
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