Anbaric Offers Smart Solutions for Microgrid Development

The Anbaric Microgrid Strategy

Cleantechnica, March 31, 2016. Image credit: Tama66

Entrepreneurial opportunities for microgrid operators

Wakefield, Massachusetts-based Anbaric has grown into one of this nation’s microgrid innovators. The company has developed from scratch more than $1.5 billion in independent transmission projects to date. The company outlines its production and distribution strategy as follows:

A microgrid is centered around a highly efficient, on-site combined heat and power generation (co-gen) plant. Through real-time interface with the surrounding macrogrid, hosts will be empowered to produce or sell energy on a business basis.

The result is an ecosystem that reduces energy costs, secures resiliency, and integrates sustainable practices and distributed energy technologies. Our vision is not to “island” hosts, but rather to complement and transact with the macrogrid in a way that maximizes long-term economic and environmental value.

In New York, Anbaric has exclusively partnered with Exelon to develop a series of microgrids ranging in size from 10 to 200 MW.  Through this collaboration, these microgrids are expected to “…secure reliability, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of the surrounding grid.”

Anbaric founder and CEO Ed Krapels explains Anbaric’s commitment to microgrids in New York: “New York State has made clear that it wants to be a national leader in microgrid development … This alliance responds to that call by tailoring our efforts around Governor Cuomo’s energy plan and the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding to create a model for microgrid development that benefits New York residents and businesses.”

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