Volkswagen and CARB Ready the Diesel-Gate Penance Program, “Electrify America”

Ryan Pollin, ERS, for Zondits

Remember Diesel-Gate? Volkswagen engineers and executives had been lying about the carbon intensity of their diesel vehicles for years – they did not crack the “clean diesel” formula, they just faked it. Carbon reparations are being litigated all over the world, and here in the states, the California Air Resources Board is furthest ahead with a plan to receive four $200 million installments of electric vehicle-related investments under the program Electrify America. The details of that plan are being publicized now, and the first $200 million have been allocated as follows:

  1. Investing in EV charging infrastructure
    • Community charging stations across five metro areas ($45M)
    • High-speed highway network chargers ($75M)
  2. Green City project for zero emission vehicle (ZEV) access (car-share, delivery vehicles, and taxi fleet) in one city ($44M)
  3. Brand-neutral ZEV education ($20M)

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