Will Smart Meters Transform the Way Utilities Deliver and Customers Use Energy?

Amanda Gassé for Zondits, September 16, 2015. Image credit: www.girlygeekdom.com The deployment of advanced metering interfaces (AMI) equipment is dramatically increasing and has the potential to change not only the way utilities deliver energy and consumers use energy, but also the way energy efficiency evaluators analyze data. The increase of AMI system installations has increased the … Read more

Landis+Gyr Selected for Dutch Utility Smart Meter Rollout

Landis+Gyr to supply 3mn smart meters to four Dutch utilities Greentech Lead, July 8, 2015. Image credit: Erich Schlegel Energy management solutions company Landis+Gyr has been awarded contract for the supply of 3 million smart meters to the customers of Dutch power distribution companies Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra. And delivery of orders is … Read more

5 Energy Saving Apps You Should Download Right Now

Amanda Gassé for Zondits, June 16, 2015. Image credit: LoboStudioHamburg With summer heating up, the Zondits team explored iTunes and Google Play to find the best energy saving apps on the market. The apps that made our list save time and money by eliminating phantom loads while increasing the efficiency of household appliances. Reducing energy … Read more

Maryland Bill Tries to End Smart Meter Opt-out Fees


Maryland Bill would eliminate charges for electricity customers who reject ‘smart meters’ Baltimore Post Examiner, February 18, 2015 Extra fees for electricity customers who refuse to accept “smart meters” because they are wary of the new technology would be eliminated by a bill heard by the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday, and any extra costs would … Read more

Energy Conservation Fueled by Social Pressure


The Smart, Angry Home The New Yorker, January 5, 2015 Buildings are energy hogs. They require heating and cooling; they churn out hot water; they are thick with light bulbs, microwaves, and refrigerators. In 2013, residential and commercial buildings accounted for forty per cent of all the energy consumed in the United States. Smart meters … Read more