The Plug and Play Tech Center & IoT Accelerate Connectected Lighting Technology

Connected lighting: Partnerships form to advance networked SSL with IoT LEDS Magazine, July 27, 2015. Image credit: Ardonik Royal Philips has announced that the company, and specifically Philips Lighting, will seek to collaborate with forward thinkers in the technology industry on Internet of Things (IoT) technology via a new relationship with the Plug and Play Tech … Read more

Deloitte Connects Office Lighting with the IoT

Lighting features in Internet of Things system at new Deloitte headquarters Plus Plastic Electronics, January 23, 2015 New headquarters built in Amsterdam for consultancy Deloitte have incorporated lighting into an Internet of Things (IoT) system, for smart management of the offices. Details of the integrated smart system were presented by Philips, the lighting supplier on … Read more