Rotary Compressor Design Seeks Pathway into Refrigeration

This article was published on on April 26, 2020.

UK: Buoyed by a further £720,000 of funding, an Edinburgh company has targeted the refrigeration industry as a potential market for its new design of rotary compressor.

Vert Rotors is behind the development of a conical rotary compressor which is said to be capable of producing high pressures at variable speeds with low noise and vibration. Instead of having rotating screws placed side by side, the Vert technology places one rotor inside the other. The rotors turn in the same direction at different speeds compressing the air as it travels down the conical screw. This is said to result in greatly improved performance for the same space and weight. 

The Vert technology has been developed to various form factors for bespoke projects and applications – compressing air, gas or refrigerants, and a modified unit has been designed for 100% liquid fraction pumping. Sizes have ranged from compressors to fit in the palm of your hand (40mm long, 80W power) to pallet mounted industrial units (400mm long, 13kW power). Two air compressors using the technology were introduced last year.

The additional funding from a clutch of existing investors, including Par Equity, Equity Gap, Aero Den and the Scottish Investment Bank, will enable the company to ramp up production and develop new markets for the technology.

“With the additional funding we will be ramping up both sales and production, putting ourselves in a position to bring our exciting new products and technology to a wider audience from which we anticipate substantial take-up,” said Vert CEO Dr Phil Harris.

“We are also excited about the potential to exploit the benefits of our technology across a variety of markets, which is why we are particularly pleased with the potential of our CRC technology for the high-pressure refrigeration market as well as in vacuum,” he added.