Next Generation Evaluation with EDGE M&V

This is the first in a series of Zondits articles on next generation evaluation and M&V. Please join us as we explore these emerging trends over the next weeks. Please join in the discussion thread at the bottom of the page as we explore these emerging trends.

Gary Epstein, ERS, for Zondits. May 11, 2016

The next generation of evaluation and M&V must embrace the latest technologies and analytics, must be higher value, must produce more immediate results, and must serve the need for accurately demonstrating project impacts while opening the door for continuous improvement. In very many cases it must go beyond the capabilities of AMI data analytics and must allow for wider application across multitudes of buildings. Effectively, this defines the mandate for EDGE M&VEnergy-focused Deep Granular Evaluation M&V. Coupled with powerful analytics, EDGE M&V will provide higher value results across an extremely diverse landscape through leverage of latest sensor and monitoring technologies, coupled with deep granular analyses.

The key characteristics of EDGE M&V include:

  • Integration of new technologies for evaluation and M&V
  • More immediate and dynamic results
  • Higher levels of data granularity and deeper information
  • Higher value, more comprehensive results
  • Regular application of combined pre- and post-M&V
  • Comprehensive integration with implementation
  • Integration into whole-building, lower-cost M&V efforts.

EDGE M&V, in fact, has broader applications than just evaluation. With the new technologies, advanced deep analytics, an inclination towards pre-installation M&V deployment, and with the more granular insights that can be achieved, applications are becoming apparent for a wide variety of endeavors.

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Please visit Zondits over the upcoming weeks and months as we explore the various aspects of EDGE M&V and examine specific project examples that have taken advantage of these latest approaches. Also, please look out for the AESP Brown Bag session on new developments in EM&V and EDGE M&V, scheduled for June 2, 2016.

Image credit: stefano carniccio