Using Mapping Technology to Achieve Smart City Status

Mapping technology turning Depok in Indonesia into smart city

Computer Weekly, February 24, 2016. Image credit: gr8effect

The Indonesian city of Depok has implemented smart mapping technology to boost government efficiency and productivity in line with its commitment to achieve smart city status by 2025.

Depok, just south of the capital Jakarta on the island of Java, is using smart mapping technology from geospatial solutions vendor Esri Indonesia for its local planning and development agency (BAPPEDA). The government agencies for transport, highways and water resources, and planning are all using the technology for real-time collaboration and data sharing.

Smart mapping – also known as geographic information system (GIS) technology – integrates and analyses data from multiple systems to create a dynamic and interactive map-based view of information.

Shah said the ‘smart’ element in a city is when the IT infrastructure and the management of public service networks are integrated. “The smart mapping technology optimises the use of interconnected systems by offering proactive real-time intelligent city services with the aim to ultimately have an interconnected smart city across systems, departments, services and stakeholders,” she added.

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