Magnetic Memory Chips Notably Reduce Transistor Energy Use

Magnetic Chips can Sharply Boost Computer Energy Efficacy

I4U News, March 14, 2016. Image credit: By Alexander Wilmer Duff, via Wikimedia Commons

The law of thermodynamics seems to come to a halt here and it is indeed quite a surprise. The findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances. Great savings in case of power consumption are possible thanks to this scheme of things.

The amount of energy use in transistors could be reduced to a millionth via this brilliant methodology. Such information can be applied in the case of mobile devices which are dependent on tiny featherweight cells.

The processors they need are suction devices for power though. Furthermore, cloud computing also demands tons of energy. The electric network needed for cloud computing requires scads of energy which can cost a hefty amount in dollars.

The binary system of 0s and 1s will have to be discarded for the future. The resistance that is encountered in the circuits is simply too much and creates problems of its own. Magnetic bits though can be differentiated in accordance with their direction.

The same amount of energy is needed to turn the magnet left or right. Several nanomagnets were created and used in the experiments conducted by the scientists.

The Landauer Limit was tested. Entropy via wasted heat was the name of the game. Flipping a nanomagnet uses up minimal energy. A mere 15 millielectron volts of energy was used up in the operation. The Landauer Limit was reached and thus the impossible became possible.

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