The Landscape of EDGE M&V

Gary Epstein and Jeff Perkins, ERS, for Zondits

There is wide consensus that the next generation of evaluation and M&V must deliver more value, must produce more immediate results, and must serve the need for accurately demonstrating project impacts with great certainty. Further, to allow for the widest application across multitudes of buildings, any sustainable solution must go beyond the capabilities of AMI data analytics. To get there it is clear that the ultimate solution must embrace the latest sensor technologies and analytic capabilities.

EDGE M&V defines a broad-based strategy open to continuous improvement that will leverage the latest sensor and monitoring technologies to provide deep granular analyses across an extremely diverse landscape to deliver high-value E M&V.

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The following figure presents the landscape of EDGE M&V and its constituent elements.

Landscape of EDGE M&V



  • Integrates new sensor, metering, and transmission technologies.
  • Allows comprehensive integration with implementation.
  • Facilitates combined pre- and post-M&V.
  • Enhances whole-building assessments with cost-effective M&V.
  • Offers higher levels of data granularity and more nuanced information.
  • Delivers more immediate and more comprehensive results.
  • Addresses all aspects of evaluation, including classic impact; process, market, and efficiency research; and emerging assessment of efficiency as capacity.

Taken to logical extensions, EDGE M&V has applications beyond historical program evaluation. With the latest sensor technologies, advanced analytics, and an industry move toward pre-installation M&V deployment, applications are becoming apparent for a wide variety of endeavors. These include program implementation quality assurance, ESCO project assessments, market characterizations, research and planning, forecasting, and automated program progress reporting as well as facility performance metrics and assurance of project savings associated with highly targeted load relief efforts.

Please continue to visit Zondits over the coming weeks and months as we explore the many aspects of EDGE M&V, and examine specific project examples that have taken advantage of these latest approaches.

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