Italian Winery Is Using C02 Bases Water-brine Chillers for Heating and Cooling

CO2 at heart of Italian winery, December 5, 2017

Two Yukon CO2-based water-brine chillers from Italian firm Enex provide heating and cooling at the Abazzia di Novacella winery in the Alto Adige (South Tyrol) region of Italy.

Water enters the system at 6°C and is cooled to 1°C. The system is capable of functioning in ambient outside temperatures of up to as much as 40°C.

Novacella Abbey is one of the oldest monasteries in South Tyrol. Wine has been produced there since 1142. The cool climate and mineral richness of the vineyards, at an altitude of 600-900 metres, mean the area is ideal for cultivating white wines including Sylvaner, Müller Thurgau, Kerner, Gewürztraminer and Veltliner.

Today Novacella Abbey owns 25 hectares, but controls and vinifies must from another 50 hectares owned by cooperative members, its exclusive suppliers. The Novacella Abbey location is used to vinify and refine white wine.

Each of the chillers, installed in August, has a cooling capacity of 60 kW. The two units are used to cool must when it increases in temperature during the fermentation phase; at the same time, heat recovery produces sanitary water at 90°C for cleaning the barrels.

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