Energy Efficiency Fuels Innovation

Even uncommon voices can find common ground on energy efficiency

The Hill, April 14, 2016. Image credit: philriley427

Washington, D.C., has earned a reputation in recent years as a city plagued by hyper-partisan gridlock.  Yet our two organizations – which often disagree – have found common ground on energy efficiency.  It’s instructive to look at why both the National Association of Manufacturers and the Natural Resources Defense Council both support it.

It’s simple, really: by building better buildings, making more innovative products, and using creative manufacturing processes, we can accomplish multiple goals – reducing wasted resources, improving our electricity system, preventing more toxic pollution, reducing climate change, and fueling economic growth. Many new, innovative energy efficiency products and technologies are made right here by American manufacturers, creating jobs and economic growth across the nation.

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NAM and NRDC have long supported the SAVE (Sensible Accounting to Value Energy) Act, introduced as an amendment to the bill, which would help homeowners use mortgage financing to make their homes more energy efficient. We support financing programs operated by many cities and states (called Property Assessed Clean Energy, or “PACE”) that allow homeowners to pay for efficiency improvements through an assessment on their property tax bill.

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